Commercial Solar

Business in this economic climate is a challenge. For many NT companies, electricity costs are a major overhead. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

NT Solar specialises in providing commercial solar projects, correctly sized for your specific power needs, fully installed at the most competitive price. Installing solar is immediately cash positive for your business. We aim for a 2 and a half  year return on your solar investment and we really are locally owned and operated.

We only use Tier One solar products, tried and tested for NT conditions. Our installers are Clean Energy Council accredited electricians and are always available for after sales service. Look at our most conservative estimates on savings with a 30kW system:

Month Average peak hours Solar power production per month (kW) $ Value @ 30c/kW
January 4.77 4,429.43 $1,328.83
February 4.9 4,548.99 $1,364.70
March 4.83 4,346.01 $1,303.80
April 4.59 4,262.59 $1,278.78
May 4.47 4,023.46 $1,207.04
June 3.82 3,547.99 $1,064.40
July 3.66 3,403.40 $1,021.02
August 3.6 3,022.46 $906.74
September 4.29 3,984.50 $1,195.36
October 4.49 4,040.15 $1,212.05
November 4.7 4,371.03 $1,311.31
December 4.65 4,184.74 $1,255.42
TOTAL per annum 4.4 48,164.79 $14,449.45
Your business may be eligible for generous NTG business incentive grants, on top of the Federal government subsidy. We can help you apply. We can also arrange finance, if you want it. Call us for a free, no obligation quote today.

Residential Solar

It’s no secret. The Northern Territory is the best place in the world for solar power production. Installing solar on a standard single-phase home will save you $2,500+ each year off your electricity bill. Right now, the NTG is offering household energy efficiency grants of $1,000. Use this on a new solar system and the return on your investment will be complete within 3 and a half years. As a bonus, you’ll also be reducing 6,630kg per year of greenhouse gas emissions. Solar is a win-win. Call for a quote or just to find out more. True locals, helping locals, building the NT economy.

Power Purchasing Agreements

Our cost, our risk, your long term savings.

Some business entities, whether government, private, franchises or branches of a national or international companies, struggle with either the capital costs or the decision-making capacity to just bite the solar bullet. Solar provides lower overheads which means higher profits or, perhaps, the capacity to employ more staff. The motivation might also just be to do the right thing for the plant.

NT Solar is excited to be able to offer approved customers the opportunity to get industrial-scale solar with no capital outlay, much cheaper power than you can buy from any other power providers and the option to purchase the system outright over time, after which, your power will be free. We do the work, you get the benefits.

Call us for a full explanation of how this works, what it will mean for your bottom line and a free assessment of you business eligibility.

Go local.